The wastewater area is complex and our renowned wastewater technology is built on decades of experience, innovation, scientific trials and testing. Call Grundfos to gain access to our expertise within any of the wastewater areas: drainage water, surface water, grey water and black water.

SE and SL 9-30 kW

The SE and SL ranges of wastewater pumps provide the highest total efficiency on the market. Innovative technologies from Grundfos bring together intelligence, motors, hydraulics and functionality to meet the challenges of modern wastewater, maximising the hydraulic, electrical and mechanical efficiency of your pumps.

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Dedicated Controls

Grundfos Dedicated Controls system are delivered either as complete control cabinets or as control components for local panel assembly. Grundfos Dedicated Controls can be used with standard functionality for normal needs, but it also supports more advanced functions for wastewater transport.

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Wastewater Pumping Station

Grundfos offers a full range of wastewater pumping stations – also known as lift stations – which are supplied complete with all the necessary piping, valves, level controls etc. Wastewater pumping stations use a modular concept, while the pump pit, pumps and controls can be combined to suit specific requirements for each individual application.

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S Pump

S pumps form the backbone of many sewage systems. They are selected for their strength, their durability, and for innovative features such as the SmartTrim impeller clearance adjustment system and the Smart Seal for leakage prevention.

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SL 0.9-11 kW

The SL range has been developed to optimise performance in your system, minimising known risk factors and reducing maintenance requirements. Remarkably durable, the SL range offers long lasting, service-friendly submersible wastewater pumping. The highest standards of motor efficiency ensure substantial energy and cost savings. Motors are based on high-efficiency components, improving motor efficiency and prolonging pump life.

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